Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review: Dior Nude BB Cream

So I recently got a sample from the new Dior BB Cream with a Dior beauty purchase and I decided to try it out and make a little review about it.

So basically this is a skin perfector; doesn't have much coverage but it does neutralize redness and minor blemishes. You can apply it with fingers or a buffing brush and it has a natural semi-mate finish. It doesn't clog on my pores, which is amazing because my pores are quite large and surprisingly it does stay on my skin all day without getting sticky or making my skin look oily.

I want to mention that I tried this foundation while I was on vacation, so the weather in the center of the country is not very humid and a little cold, so the effect may vary according to where you live.

Bare skin

This is how the BB cream looks just applied with no concealer or any other product on.

 And this is how it looks 8 hour after aplication with some Nars Douceur blush on my cheeks.

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